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Extremely simple to use.
Service available 24/7 without reservation.

Optimal audio quality

Conference on the traditional telephone network (no voice over IP), ensuring excellent audio quality, identical to a classic call between two people.

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No subscription fees, service without commitment. Billing per hour pack or per second, at best rate on the market.

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Sign up and buy a conference hours pack.


Organize your conference

Send your attendees the conference date, phone number and conference code.


Enter into the conference

At the time of your meeting, each participant calls the number and types their code.

Many options available

Access from overseas

The conference room is accessible from all over the world.

Call an attendee

Call an attendee to cover his communication expense.

Recorded conference

Easily record the meeting and then listen, download, and share the meeting minutes.

Control the conference

Control your virtual conference room in real time.

Invitations by email and SMS

Invite attendees to a conference by email and SMS and manage their presence.

Document sharing

Share an electronic document in real time with conference participants

Screen sharing

Share your screen in one click with conference attendees

Call history

Show and export the call list on each of your conference rooms

Usage statistics

Show usage statistics of your rooms by day, week, month...

Organizer’s video

Broadcast the organizer’s video to all your attendees

Choose the offer best suited to your needs:

Offer #1

Billing by hour credit

A pack represents a credit of conference hours. This credit is the maximum of the cumulative duration of all calls. Its validity period is unlimited. At any time you can re-credit your conference.
Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, check or bank transfer.

Hours Cost excluding tax / hour Cost excluding tax
5 £4.00 £20.00
10 £3.80 £38.00
15 £3.60 £54.00
20 £3.50 £70.00
30 £3.20 £96.00
40 £3.00 £120.00
50 £2.80 £140.00
75 £2.60 £195.00
100 £2.40 £240.00
150 £2.20 £330.00
200 £2.00 £400.00
250 £1.90 £475.00
300 £1.85 £555.00
400 £1.80 £720.00
500 £1.75 £875.00
600 £1.70 £1,020.00

When a conference ends, the cumulative duration of your conference with all attendees is charged to your account (from your conference credit), to the nearest second. Your credit never expires.

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Offer #2

Monthly Billing

Each month you receive an invoice corresponding to the consumption of the previous month, on a fare basis defined according to your needs.
There are no subscription fees or commitment.

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