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Your account is postpaid: you receive an invoice every month corresponding to the previous month’s usage.
There are no subscription fees or commitment.
The possible costs of outgoing calls, incoming calls on toll-free number, text messages, dedicated numbers, etc. will be added to the monthly invoice.
Current base rate: excluding tax / hour
Outpayment (premium rate number) : excluding tax / hour
Available credit balance:
Payment method: Direct debit Automatic payment by bank card Manual payment
Bank account:
Credit card:

You can opt for 2 different billing methods (customizable for each conference room) :

Billing by hour credit

At the end of each conference, the cumulative duration of each participant (to the nearest second) will be deducted from the hour credit associated with this conference room. You have to top up the room by buying time packs or by transferring credits from another room. Any outgoing or toll-free calls will be billed via call credit.

Cumulative credit (all rooms) :

Pay as you go

At the end of each conference, the conference cost (corresponding to the cumulative duration of each participant) will be automatically debited from your bank account via the registered credit card. The amount is calculated from a basic rate, depending on the use of the service. Any outgoing or toll-free calls will be billed in addition to the total amount debited at the end of the conference.

Current base rate:

Billing settings

Delivery method: By post By email
Recipient email: account email
Purchase order ID:

Payment methods

To enable automatic direct debit, please add a bank account on your myConf account. To pay monthly invoices automatically by bank card, please add a bank card to your account.

You do not have any payment method registered to your account.

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