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Call credit

Do not confuse between call credit and conference credit.
Conference credit is the credit necessary for using conference call service. Call credit is optional, it is used to call attendees, send SMS…
Current call credit balance:


Call credits allow you to :

  • to call attendees to join the conference, and pay for the telephone call charges with the call credits). When the conference is over the cost of the communication will be deducted from your call credit and the duration of the communication will be deducted from you credit balance.
  • send SMS invitation or receive SMS alert (in case of low credit balance, exceeding a threshold, …) When an SMS is sent, the cost of the SMS is deducted from your call credits.
  • ask participants to call the toll-free number, so they can join the conference without paying a call charge. At the end of a conference, the cost of calling the toll-free number is deducted from your call credit (and the call duration is deducted from your conference credit)
The cost of outgoing or toll-free calls is billed via call credit only for conference rooms with prepaid credit. For conference rooms with Pay-as-you-go system, this cost is added to the total amount debited at the end of the conference.


Usage alert

Low credit alert: disabled
Threshold: ; Types:
Threshold exceeded alert: disabled
Threshold: ; Types:


Credit auto top-up disabled
Threshold: ; Credit pack:

Rate / min (landline) Rate / h (landline) Rate / min (mobile) Rate / h (mobile) Rate / SMS
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