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Manage your conference rooms

Here is the list of your conference rooms. A conference room is a virtual room where conferences are held. Having multiple conference rooms allows you to organize several conferences simultaneously or to assign rooms to different teams. Click on the name of a conference room to change its settings, top up it, etc.
None of your conference rooms are accessible. Please top up your conference rooms first or add a credit card to your account.
There are inaccessible conference rooms.

Conference rooms list

You do not have any conference room.
Conference room name Phone number Organizer code Participant code Billing Creation Last use Manage

Conference rooms settings

Phone number dedicated to your account

The dedicated phone number allows you to personalize the welcome message at the beginning of the call. It is valid for all your conference rooms.
Dedicated phone number:

Usage alert

The Threshold Overrun alert allows you to receive an alert by email or SMS if the cumulative conference hours per participant in the current month (on all your conference rooms) exceeds the threshold number of hours indicated.
Threshold exceeded alert: disabled
Threshold: hours ; Types:

Access from abroad

Participants located abroad call (and type the same guest code).
Participants located abroad will simply pay the price of a call from the calling country to the UK.

Credit card not valid
Rate / min (landline) Rate / h (landline) Rate / min (mobile) Rate / h (mobile) Rate / SMS

Attendee list:

Calling time Attendee Called number Duration Cost
There are invoices pending payment.
There are invoices over old that are due now.
Elles sont à régler dans les plus brefs délais.
There are invoices whose payment by bank card has been refused.
There are invoices whose direct debit has been refused.
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