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Conference options

Access from overseas

Participants located abroad call (and type the same guest code).
Participants located abroad will simply pay the price of a call from the calling country to the UK.
The conference duration will be deducted from the credit in the same way as calling participants from the UK.

Call an attendee

The call of an attendee during your conference call allows you to call one or more participants to join the conference, taking charge (via a call credit) of telephone communication.
When the conference is over the cost of the communication will be deducted from your call credit and the duration of the communication will be deducted from you credit balance.

Invitation of attendees

To invite participants to a conference, the organizer fills out the invitation form and the participants receive an email and / or an SMS with the date and time of the meeting and the information to connect to it.
Invitations are a simple and convenient way to notify your attendees about the organization of a conference call. This is free of charge.
Participants can receive invitations immediately and / or a few minutes before the conference, in the language of your choice.
The invitations are saved, so the organizer has access to the history of invitations sent, with the list of notified participants.
Attendance confirmation is also available, this allows the organizer to keep track of who will be attending the meeting.
The invitation form does not reserve the conference, this is not necessary.

Monitoring of conference call

The dashboard helps the organizer monitor the list of attendees connected in real time (with their phone number if they are not hidden, call time, call duration), mute the microphone of an attendee, disconnect an attendee, end the conference, etc. If a new attendee arrives or if an attendee disconnects, it is not necessary to refresh the page, it is automatically updated.
Monitoring a conference call is free of charge.

Call history

Call history is the list of completed conferences with attendees who have logged on. It is displayed as a table, with one row for each completed conference.
By clicking on the magnifying glass, the list of participants who have logged in is displayed (with the phone numbers of each participant and their respective connection times). You can also download a conference report for each meeting.
Finally, the table can be exported in PDF or CSV format. Consultation of the call history is completely free and unlimited. The call history of a conference is available for a minimum of 3 years after the end of the conference.

Usage statistics

Usage statistics of your conference rooms are displayed as charts and tables. Usage can be grouped by time, day of the week, day of the month, month or year.

Audio recording of conferences

To record a conference, the organizer should, after entering the organizer code, press 2 to open and record the conference (instead of pressing 1 to open the conference without recording). Participants call the usual number and type their attendee code.
The organizer must remain in conference on this phone number so that the audio recording continues. The recording stops when the organizer hangs up (even if the other participants are still in conference). If the organizer hangs up and returns to the conference on this phone number, there will be 2 separate audio files.
Recording of a conference does not incur any additional cost, this is completely free of charge. La durée de conférence sera déduite du crédit de la même manière que si la conférence n’était pas enregistrée. Once the conference call is over, you can listen to the audio record or download the file on the "Recording" page.
You can also share the audio record by email (the audio file is large, a download link will be sent).
Please note that audio recording of a conference is only available for 90 days after the end of the conference.

Web conference

Web conference include options for your conference with:

  • Document sharing

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