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How to organize a conference call?

Organizing a conference call is extremely easy: whether on fixed or mobile number, just follow those 3 steps: register on myConf, configure the conference and start your conference call. To start your confernce, each attendee calls the conference phone number and types the pin code. In just a few minutes, your conference call is organized and ready to start.



Sign up and choose the right package for your needs.


Organize your conference

Send your attendees the conference date, phone number and conference code.


Start a conference

At the time of your meeting, each participant calls the number and types their code.

Find out how to organize your conference call simply, quickly, and efficiently.

1. Subscribe

Simple and non-binding, registration allows you to benefit from your first free conference. As soon as you log in for the first time, you will be assigned a conference room: a phone number, a master code and a guest code. After your free trial, choose the offer that best suits your needs: conference hours credits, pay as you go or monthly billing. Then just go to Step 2: Organize your next conference call.

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2. Organization

To organize your conference, simply send the phone number to call and the guest code to all your attendees. It is not necessary to reserve a time slot, you can organize your conference when you want without reservation. You get free options such as "Invitations" to invite your attendees from your dashboard. You can hold a conference call with up to 60 attendees and with attendees from anywhere in the world.

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3. Start

At the agreed time, all attendees dial the telephone number and enter the guest code to join the conference. As an organizer, your access code is the master code. Thus, your conference only starts when you enter this organizer code. You benefit from free features such as conference call monitoring. You can display the list of attendees and mute their microphone if necessary. As soon as a attendee arrives in the conference, you are informed. As soon as the last attendee disconnects, the conference call is ended.

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