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Billing by hour credit

Billing by conference hours credits is the best option if you want to organize a one-time conference call and manage your credits according to your usage. You can re-create your conference room at any time. Our billing by conference hours credits method allows you not to be committed beyond the amount purchased. You do not have any subscription fees to pay. Our rates offer discounts according to the pack you choose. Your conference hours credit never expires. Depending on the package you choose, we offer additional discounts and your conference hours credit is valid for life. In addition, if the credit balance is depleted during a conference, we will never interrupt your meeting. You will need to top up your credit balance after the conference ends. Take advantage of multiple conference rooms, free options and the best price with myConf.

Monthly Billing

Monthly billing is the favorite method for large consumers of conference calls. This offer allows you to receive a bill each month corresponding to the consumption of the previous month without worrying about conference hour credit balance. With the monthly billing offer you do not have a subscription, you you are not engaged and you only pay for what you use. In addition, you can check at any time the number of hours used during the period in order to to keep control of your usage. Enjoy extremely simple operation and the possibility to host multiple conference rooms on the same account. Contact us for a quote and find a price best suited to your needs.

Pay as you go

Pay-as-you-go is the offer you need if you want to pay in the easiest way possible. You pay for your conference call like you pay for fuel at the gas station. All you have to do is to register your credit card details in order to be debited once your conference ends. Autrement, vous ne vous souciez ni d’un pack d’heures ni de facturation mensuelle. You get additional discounts based on your cumulative consumption since your first conference, so the more you use our services, the better you rate becomes!

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Free options

Nombreuses options disponibles sans frais supplémentaires : invitations, enregistrements, pilotage,…

Simplicity & Reliability

No reservation, easy to organize, easy to reach. Attendees call the number and type their conference code.

International Access

Anywhere and from any device, your conferences are accessible from anywhere in the world.

Download the myConf Mobile App

Do not worry about having to remember your account information: phone number to call and access code. Everything is available from the mobile app on your smartphone.

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